Our services

Landscape design

Elysium Landscape is a studio specializing in the landscape design of public park spaces, private courtyards and gardens, green areas for single-family and multi-family residential buildings, park planning and improvement of hotels and holiday complexes, improvement of industrial territories, etc. We offer the preparation of complete project documentation for the "Parking and Landscaping" part, including collaborating closely with design teams from all the necessary specialties for approval and issuance of a Building Permit.


The main points when creating projects are the individual expectations and requirements of the client, the purpose of the property, and the characteristics of the site. Our approach to each project aims to create an individual style and look.

If you are looking for landscape architects with whom to develop your investment intentions, we are ready to answer your questions!

  • preparation of complete project documentation for all phases of the design of green areas and park spaces;
  • description and expert assessment of existing vegetation;
  • 3D visualizations
  • details for elements of park architecture /garden and park furniture, pergolas, sheds, barbecues/, water areas, effects, etc.;
  • projects for Vertical Planning - terrain modeling, steps and retaining walls, slopes, and drainage;
  • the green roofs and vertical wall projects;
  • projects for playgrounds and sports fields;
  • interior landscaping projects;
  • decorative lighting projects.

Landscape consulting and managment

  • Consultations - We offer face-to-face or online consultations for questions related to the care of your garden, investments in green areas, and everything related to landscaping.

  • Project management - we offer author supervision, as well as management and organization of the entire process of realizing your project. For your convenience, we will be responsible for the good coordination between the individual specialists, as well as for meeting the set deadlines.

  • Site management - do you want your garden to be in brilliant shape without being involved in the overall organization and communication of its construction and maintenance? - So you need exactly our team! We will prepare a maintenance schedule and provide the necessary specialists to create the garden of your dreams, and all you have to do is enjoy it!

The main task is maximum facilitation and non-commitment on the part of the client and/or investor. All services are aimed at sustainable and modernized development, both for private courtyard spaces and for large urban and suburban park spaces. Quality planning, construction, and maintenance, as well as a well-organized working group, are a guarantee for an aesthetically maintained park area.